Don’t lose hope yet! Hashtags are still very much alive but let's take you down a stroll through memory lane first!

“Originally called the pound sign, online use of the hashtag didn’t appear until used on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) in the late 1990s, where it was used to create and categorize groups. The hashtag craze we know today didn’t begin until 2007, when Chris Messina tweeted out to his followers, asking how they felt about using the pound sign to group conversions” - New Bird Design

  • Makes Your Brand Discoverable
        1. Especially as a small brand, it’s crucial in finding ways to always put yourself out there. Right now, we’re in a space where most creators no longer believe in hashtags so be sure to take advantage while the trend is over! Always remember that it's going to take trial and error to nail down your strategy OR you can wait for Our Sisters to drop the Hashtag Strategy Book. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out for a FREE 30 min consultation using the code CONSULTATION at checkout.
  • Easier to Find Your Target Audience
        1. This is probably the most detailed way to find your target audience and cultivate that community. Why? Because just like you, they used the hashtag that made them discoverable to you. When you know who your target audience is, it’s easier to not only harness the conversation, but convert them into buyers!
  • Makes Competing Brands Discoverable
        1. Use this to your advantage! Oftentimes, we will use hashtags to find brands selling the same services as ours. We know that if this brand is at the top of the hashtags’s discovery then they have an engaging community. That's your chance to see what missed opportunities you can provide that your competitors have yet to identify!
  • Makes Your Brand Competitive
        1. Do you know how many brands use this to your advantage and how many don't? Let’s just say it's about 50% each way and because of this that means, there are TONS of missed opportunities. I get it, the hashtags look tacky when placed into your copy but, there are ways to disguise this! For example: My brand enters down a bunch of times so the hashtag copy is no longer visible to our audience. Some people put them in their comment section but this will not bring nearly as much interaction as it would in the captions.
  • Free Promotion = Potential Viralness
      1. …or at least close to it! Hashtag discovery is open for every single account to take advantage of. You can see at least a 30% increase in profile visits, engagement, and website traffic by using Our Sisters hashtag strategy. Remember this, people use hashtags to find things they are looking for because 69% of individuals use IG to research a brand over the website. Keep this in mind when creating your strategy!


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