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Are you seeing missed opportunities with your brand and just can't figure out how to solve? Then you clicked on the right service! If this is your first time booking a call with our team, the FIRST 30 MINUTES ARE FREE. Use code STRATEGY to begin

The purpose of this call is to answer any questions you have about your brand and of course our business whether that is about starting a new company or solving the missed opportunities of an existing businesses.

  1. 45-60 minutes Business Strategy or ConsultationCall.
  2. All calls scheduled between Monday through Friday from 10am-6pm EST or Saturdays from 11am-2pm EST. You have the option to choose any date 3-7 days after date of payment.
  3. After payment (up to 1 business day) you will receive an email with a list questions, brand checklist to have ready for the call, and a list of 3 dates & time slots.
  4. This is a first come first serve basis, so expect be schedule accordingly!

PLEASE note, If you miss your agreed call slot you there will be a $10 penalty fee for a reschedule. If you are late to your session, our team can add up to 15 extra minutes to your slot!