Did you know, it takes a human being seeing a brand or product seven times before they peak any type of interest with that particular company? Knowing this information, you can imagine the amount of marketing, production, community engagement, and small business tools needed in order to see a ROI (return on investment).

We’ve gone ahead and listed 5 Reasons People Aren’t Buying Your Products Or Services but, before we do so, let us remind you that it takes a different type of focus in order to maintain a successful business! We’ve curated tools and strategies to equip you with the necessary tasks needed to be completed in order to truly see you crush your goals!


Your Small Brand Or Business is New

If you have new followers or none at all, then don’t let this discourage you! Nine times out of ten, this person isn’t going to buy from you right away and if they did… then you probably don't need to keep reading lol! It’s all about getting people to trust your brand and figuring out ways to do so!


They’ve Never Seen Your Products Before

Let’s admit this together. It’s kind of hard to purchase from a small brand if you don’t recognize the owner or have ever tried their products before because there’s no guarantee that this brand will deliver on what was requested. However, there are also small brands who have marketed their products in ways that left you eager to buy from them! What did that marketing look like? How did they reel you in? Was it a discount? Free products? Or just amazing content you couldn't get over?

Think about these things when you plan out your next batch of content AND be sure you market on platforms that your ideal customer would go to!


Client / Customer Reviews is Key

Have you had the chance to showcase your customers' reviews and testimonials? This is a good way to establish credibility with your audience. It ensures that not only is the brand real but, customers actually received their products with no complaints! Trust us when we say this will strengthen the bond between you  and your community. 


Consistent Omni Marketing

How many times per week are you showcasing your products or services? Are you being creative or just shoving a bunch of products into their face? Are you diversifying where your content pops up? Or you decided IG + TikTok are the only places you’ll be marketing your company? Be intentional with where and what you are marketing!


We ask these questions because, depending on what platforms (majority of platforms) you focus your marketing on, it’s not a guarantee your followers or new comers will come across your content. You have to try out each platform including: Pinterest, Emails, and maybe even Etsy!

 When people do come across your content, is it good enough quality that we could put it on a billboard? The presentation should be that good every single time! So, knowing this information, be sure to not only oversell (storytelling is a good way to not sound salesy) to your audience but, get creative with your content pillars, the platforms you sell on, and marketing overall. Switch up what your followers get to see on social media, maybe even meet them in person with a popup shop!


Community Engagement

We say this all the time but just in case you’re new, do know that building your community FIRST is far more important than building a following on social media. Your community is a group of individuals that are loyal to your brand. These individuals are obsessed with your brand and buy all the time. These could also be customers who have not yet bought from you but when the time's right they know you're the first order they want to put in!

Want to learn how to build and maintain your community? Head to page 14 of our ebook! Ready to take your brand to the next level? Well it takes a team and that's why Our Sisters provide FREE CONSULTATIONS for our first timers! Use code CONSULTATION at checkout.








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