Here's Why You Should Add Emails To Your Marketing Strategy


We know email marketing can sound taboo for some and probably drive the rest of us crazy! We had you guys vote on the topics that challenge you most and EM (email marketing) came up as the most important category to nail down.

To our seasoned (Zen)prenuers who’ve been rocking with us for at least the past 6 months, we’re taking it up a notch this week! It’s time to nurture and GROW YOUR SUBSCRIBERS LIST.

Social media marketing is how you draw in new people to your brand and once you’ve done so, you convert them to email subscribers in order to show them their value to you! Email marketing is where you turn your social media followers and youtube subscribers into customers! If they’re opening your emails, that means they want to hear from you. It’s not like IG where followers might see your posts. Subscribers will get this email whether they went looking for it or not.

 If the individuals haven’t unsubscribed from your list AFTER your third email, then they most likely want to buy from you. Email is good at repeat customers because they trust your brand, by the time they’ve seen your products at least 7 times. SM (social media) challenges us to have the same kind of journey due to the low percentage of viewership to your posts.

  1. 95% ROI sounds great until you compare it to Email’s ROI of 4000%… we’ll let you do the math on that one😈
  2. Although 61% of online users look for SM to retain info. Email has a higher rate because it’s easier to locate the information that was given to you directly.



Remember Instagram, Facebook, and many social platforms being down back in October 2021? That was a perfect example as to why we stress that you should NEVER👏🏾 COUNT👏🏾 ON👏🏾 FOLLOWERS👏🏾 to have purchase power.

IG Followers - Only 30% of them interact with your account (at most) and it’s not even a guarantee of who or, if they will even see that post! Some can be ghost followers, and a lot of them can be a cold audience. Someone could have followed you because they liked your recent post, or because you had a giveaway they wanted to win… but it’s not always your followers' intention to buy from your brand.

Email Subscribers - One of the strongest forms of marketing… Yes, even over social media marketing and here is why. Anyone who subscribes to your email is a person who has either bought from you, ready to buy from you, or interested in buying from you one day. By sending emails, you know exactly who it’s going to and who actually opened it up! With these kinds of analytics, your brand will have a successful process when it comes to your pivot strategies!

  1. It costs $0.00 to collect subscribers and send out emails using plenty of software tools available to your liking. 
  2. Your content will be sent directly to your subscribers. Although it will take looking at your insights to see ROI, it is well worth it! 
  3. By owning an email list, you have direct communication with whoever gives their contact information. You will see a higher ROI when dealing with email subscribers over any social media platform because it's not a guarantee that places like Facebook or TikTok will show your content to your followers.
  4. You own the list! This means even if an email platform were to shut down (like social media back in Oct) you will still have direct communication with your subscribers! It may take you a while to sign up for a new platform but at least you have the list because owning a subscribers list holds value. It's real human information versus social media, where you'll run into bots.
  5. Email is also a great way to nurture your community and existing contacts. This is the place to remind them you're still here and that your brand hasn't forgotten about them!
  6. Did you know email conversions see 3x more purchases than any social media platform? According to Gumroad email marketing is one of the go to places for nurturing their community as well.
  7. Most of you probably found this blog piece by opening Our Sisters email and that's why it's an easy way to send traffic to your blog or website.



Email Marketing is a never ending cycle like IG or TikTok, so you first have to start by finding the platform that fits the needs of your brands. Here’s a list of the top 10 email platforms including a few of our faves into the list:

  1. Klaviyo - Aids in omnichannel marketing for brands killing the email game.
  2. Mailchimp - For the beginners barely tapped in.
  3. Constant Contact - For beginners looking for some assistance.
  4. Seguno - #1 for Shopify
  5. Hubspot - Great for B2B marketing
  6. MailerLite - For influencers or talent looking to elevate their personal brand.
  7. ActiveCampaign - Curated for small business.
  8. CovertKit - Is blogging one of your KPIs? Then you'll want this platform!
  9. SendinBlue - Those looking for new ways to maintain their relationships.
  10. OmniSend - Aids in omnichannel marketing

One effective way to keep your customers coming back as well as, welcoming new subscribers to your brand, is by creating freebies or accessible tools your community can’t resist! For example, Our Sisters has a FREE Brand Audit checklist when you use code FREE. 

Printable's are another good source for retention because who doesn't love a good piece to frame and hang on their wall?! We have a few quotes that perform well on our social media accounts no matter how many times we post it, so we created merch out of it like this here!

If you have a B2B brand then your clients will love templates for all purposes! For example, if your community is struggling with email creations, then your brand will win by creating 3-5 template options your consumers love! The same goes for customer worksheets for your B2B clients because it's a good way to show off your expertise in that specific industry.

Ready to take it a step further? Good! Because ebooks and courses are how your audience will trust your brand like they're dealing with family members! This is a way to leverage any missed opportunities you see from your community and give them genuine support.

Now that you're equipped to grow your email list, here is an array of resources that will help you with promotion!

  1. Social media
  2. IG LIVE
  3. Existing email list
  4. Website
  5. Influencer / publisher marketing



This is too easy not to try this week! 

  1. Clickbait subject line: This is your first impression on your subscribers. Look at past subject lines that influenced you to open another company’s email. 
  2. You can also try incentives or offers towards the bottom of the email: Hold your audience’s retention by adding value at the very end of the email blast. This will leave room for a higher click through rate! 
  3. Lastly, quality content and imagery no matter the platform, it’s important to understand what does work when it comes to content marketing!



This topic is pretty straight forward but we wanted to make sure you still get this friendly reminder! Remember that everyone’s brand is going to have different needs including competitors! Knowing this information, be sure your company uses this specific topic to fit the needs of your brand and not just do a 360 revamp! With that being said, here is your reminder of tools that will bring success to your email marketing goals.

  1. Templates and designs
  2. Software integrations via website (ex: contact forms)
  3. Email statistics and analytics
  4. Email automations



Great, you're keeping a steady open rate but ready to bring in a higher volume of sales…Doing these 3 things will ensure maximizing the amount of people who will ALWAYS open your email. 

  1. Use Coschedule to test your subject lines. This a FREE platform that will give you an idea of how successful your copy is.
  2. Check your email analytics on the backend. Any valuable information that will aid in generating ROI on your email blasts will be found through your website backend as well!
  3. Create FOMO behind a service, product or service that is helping your community with missed opportunities.



By now, Our Sisters is pretty confident you have the hang of email marketing so, here's a list of subject lines we’d love for you to try yourself! See how they do or curate them to make sense for your brand! We’d love to hear your feedback too!

  1. The Important Email I’ll Ever Send You
  2. This May Come Across Too Personal But…
  3. It’s Time To Clean House (This would be sent to your cold audience)
  4. Did You Forget About Use? (This would be sent to your cold audience)
  5. Are You In Or Out?
  6. Don’t Open If You’re Not Ready To Step Your Game Up!



One last tip about email marketing we know will benefit your future is the retention of any email because it’s no use if your subscribers don’t engage past the first part of the email! Start by mastering the subject line! AKA, get really good at creating clickbait subjects that will cause FOMO around the email. What is your audience’s version of the crack-cocaine epidemic? I know you're like “WTH” but seriously, what makes you jump out your seat and buy from a brand by any means necessary? Just like that, the content has to be exclusive offers your community will not let go of! You can also repurpose content, especially if the content has performed well before! Take content and copy that's worked really well for your page or your competitors page and recreate it to have the feel and aesthetic of your brand.

By following every single step above, there is absolutely no reason why email can't be your main revenue driver! This is Our Sisters favorite way to market so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment here or DM us!




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