Almost 3 months into my new job and whew! The highs go HIGH and the lows just know when to go low. Overall, my corporate journey has been a fulfilling one that I wouldn't trade for the world and I’m so glad I jumped back into the office environment!

With that being said, my burnout became realer than I have ever experienced before! Figuring out how to juggle first time mamahood, while living thousands of miles away from my family for the first time, not to mention… this also being my first time living with my significant other. So you can understand how all that pressure would eventually weigh a woman down! And if you're a mama like me, we’re still learning how to create that work - life - intimacy - family balance. 

From back to back work days, to even coming into the office on the weekends…then heading straight for the west coast with no days off! You can only imagine how upset my body was at me by the time I finally gave myself a day off. I did approximately (20) ten hour days straight of just work or tending to my village and didn’t realize this until I began to feel aches and pains.

It didn't take me long after to find ways to overcome my burnout, and while taking this journey, I realized my loved ones were experiencing the same thing! After talking to my online community, it was clear that a lot of us shared the same symptoms. So because of that, I thought it was only right to share with all of my zenprenuers, the signs and solutions to feeling burnout.




Avoiding People & Conversations

I began to notice that I would receive calls or texts, and if it wasn't someone I talk to on a daily basis, then I would just ignore the call or tell them I'll get back later… of course I never did. 

Luckily I noticed this bad habit almost instantaneously, and instead of continuing to avoid people, I would look at my calendar and carve out time on certain days, and call them back at my own convenience. By doing this, I began to see my relationships bond even more than they ever have before! I made sure to be a listening ear FIRST and let others have the floor. I also learned the kinds of conversations I can have with certain individuals versus the one’s I should avoid depending on the person and situation! 

For example, one of my closest friends who also owns Graceful Beauty Bar, is my go to friend for literally every single thing on this planet. I know she’ll pick up the phone the minute I ring, and  if she misses my call, she’ll text me with an ETA. This girl is my rock, and I encourage you to have at least one human in your life that can be this for you as well.

Work Constantly On The Brain

When you get off work, do you find yourself instantly feeling guilty for leaving because there was some unfinished work to get done, or you might work in the type of environment that makes you feel like it's your duty to put in overtime? Have you thought about maybe it could be your own self applying this kind of unnecessary pressure?

Try to evaluate your work environment and workload! Really ask yourself, “If I quit this job today, would they beg me to come back or easily replace me?”... Your answer should determine how much time you put into your job. Or maybe you're an overachiever and the type of person who will never leave a stone unturned. Then I can understand how tough this is for you, but babyyyy let me tell you! The work will never stop and the time on the clock will continue to tick. 

It’s time we start being more conscious of “me time” because work is always going to be there whether it's you or another employee who will get it done.

Lack Self Care or Me Time

This one is a no brainer. Instead of “work comes first” when you wake up for the next 30 days, begin to say “I COME FIRST” and really put in the time for your self care. Take time applying your skincare routine. Be intentional with every single outfit you wear publicly. Carve a budget out for self care luxuries such as getting massages, treating yourself to brunch or spending time at an art museum.

I started to make a list of things that truly make me happy and executed them regardless if I had someone to keep me company or just made it a “me” thing.

Emotionally Overwhelmed…Easily Triggered

This is when I knew something was wrong and that it was possibly exhaustion. Both me and my partner would become snappy at one another the minute one of us disagreed or were in a difference of opinions. The good thing was that we both realized this and came up with a solution that I think you and your significant other can try right away.

Every two weeks, my partner and I dedicate half a day with each other to go over everything that has been on our mind… the good and the ugly! First, we have a talk including the difficult conversations, but halfway through our evening, we ramp it up with date night! The date night symbolizes as an ice breaker from the hard conversations we just had.  This dramatically helps both of us to grow as a unit while learning the fun side of one another.

If you find yourself snappy or emotionally, and not at your best, find ways to take up your time with self improvement or things that make you feel good! Sometimes it's just a couple laughs a day that get you through another week.

Checked Out or Unmotivated to Work

If this is you, I totally get it. The only way you are going to overcome this one is by truly unplugging from the world. Get off social media, stop checking your emails before and after work, and get more fresh air! I overcame this by implementing “mental walks” into my daily routines at least 3 time per day. By doing this, my creative flow becomes fluid all over again…Feel your time up with self improving tasks!



Need I say more on this one? As difficult as it is, even for me! Try to get at least 7 hours of GOOD REST. Not falling asleep on the couch uncomfortably but some good ole tv’s off, pitch dark sleep…

Difficulty Concentrating on The Task at Hand / Too Many Tasks 

Is your to-do list piling up faster than completing the tasks on there? Then you have way too high of expectations for yourself and you need to decide which three things are the most important on a daily basis.

I promise you, between juggling life and work, you will only have time to get 3 more things done during that day, while maintaining a regular self care routine.


Frequent Accidents (Falling, car crash, dropping items, etc)

Do you feel yourself becoming more clumsy than usual? I noticed I was dropping items out of my hand and this was due to my anxiety. But the minute I began to take every action with intention ESPECIALLY MY REST… the little accidents and bumping into things stopped happening lol.


Unexplained Aches & Pain

Like I said in the beginning, my body became so drained that it was rejecting everything I did and ate. I literally had to lay in the bed, no tv on, no music on, no phone and just lay there for a full two days straight. By the time night had fallen, I felt like a completely brand new person. It was only 2 in the morning but it felt more like 2 in the afternoon!

If you're starting to feel sick, try this out and see how you feel!

 No Time For Personal Goals

If this is you, you're doing life all the way wrong, babe! I’m learning more than ever that my goals come before my job, my partner, and my child. 

Since the start of August I’ve noticed that by taking care of me first, my relationship with my partner has skyrocketed, my work has become more fluid, and my perspective on life is now looked through the lens of romanticism.  Oftentimes, I find myself excited to wake up every morning and choose something cute to wear! I make sure to meal-prep so that I’m not dipping into my personal financial goals, and most importantly, our village of Zenprenuers are becoming more engaging with Our Sisters and what we have to offer!

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